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Brush and forest fires rage from Texas to Louisiana


It's becoming a very common occurrence in the Ark-La-Tex, from Oil City Louisiana, to Marshall Texas: Out of control fires that rip through dry under brush and quickly crawl up and destroy tall trees.

On Tuesday one fire burned 40 acres of land near Ferry Lake Road in Oil City, fire officials believe it could have started from a spark from a power line.

A forestry plane circled above in an effort to let the bulldozer driver know where to go to help contain the fire.

While coordinating those efforts the Forestry Service spotted a second fire in Oil City, believed to have started after a tree fell across a power line.

"A lot of times limbs will fall across the power lines, and cause a spark," said Fire District 7 Fire Chief, Danny Richardson. His district has battled several fires over the last few days.

Around the same time a third fire raged south of Oil City on Dawes Road. The cause is still unknown, but could be a rekindle from an earlier fire.

And a huge fire in Harrison County has been contained for the most part thanks to the efforts of volunteer fire departments, the National Guard and the Texas Forest Service. But the damage to 400 acres of land used for timber, is extensive.

Nearby residents say the flames from these trees shot nearly 90 feet into the air. Thousands of small to large sized pine trees have been burned. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries, or damaged homes.



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