Committed to Quality since 1911

Those five words express a philosophy, a tradition, and a promise.

At Snell's O&P, we believe that the business of providing orthotic and prosthetic care and products to clients can never be regarded as a simple job assignment of supply and demand. While science, technology, and mathematical precision figure largely in the services we provide, the heart of our work is based on humanity rather than science. We believe that the art of understanding inner needs and private dreams is as vital to success as the mechanics of providing tangible tools of enablement to our clients.

We are privileged to receive the trust of people whose lives may be dramatically changed by our efforts; we do not take that trust lightly. For nearly a century, this philosophy has driven us to stress quality in every aspect of our care and service to our Louisiana area patients:

  • Quality of products-thoughtfully conceived, finely-tuned, and precisely fitted
  • Quality of service-prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable
  • Quality of care-sensitive, empathic, courteous and considerate
  • Quality of life-expanding the horizons of those previously limited by disability
  • Quality is what we're all about...and we've been getting better at it every day since 1911


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