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Day 5: Mickelson trial continues, defense to present their case


Day five of the capital murder trial of Eric Mickelson continues Wednesday morning with the defense preparing to present their case. 

Mickelson is accused of strangling and killing 86 year-old Charles Martin and then cutting his body into several pieces.

On Tuesday in court, the jury spent several hours listening to a tape recording of the night Eric Mickelson led police on what he referred to as a "treasure hunt."  During the recording you hear him showing detectives all the places parts of Martin's body were hidden.

In court, "Where's Charlie's torso?" asks an investigator on the tape.

"On down the road," Mickelson answered.

A detective who worked the case testified that he depended on Mickelson to show him where the body was.

During the recording Mickelson also talked about how he dismembered the body.

"Eric, what did with, uh, what did you use to cut Charlie up?," asked a detective.

"A pruning saw," answered Mickelson.

"Oh, pruning saw?" said the detective.

"I pruned his limbs," said Mickelson.

After the recording played, the prosecution wrapped up their case.  Caddo Parish D.A., Charles Scott, thinks this key piece of evidence will help them get a conviction.

"We put on a lot of evidence this week of his guilt, and we believe a strong case has been made that Eric Dale Mickelson committed 1st degree murder of Charles Martin on July 11, 2007," said Scott.

The defense declined to comment on the case.




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