Recording of Mickelson's admission played in court

New tape recordings heard in Mickelson trial
Eric Dale Mickelson, 42 (Courtesy: CPSO)
Eric Dale Mickelson, 42 (Courtesy: CPSO)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Sex and drugs are what Eric Mickelson blames for the murder of Charles Martin the 87 year-old man Mickelson is accused of murdering in 2007.

It's an admission that came in court today as the D-A's office played a censored recording of Mickelson's interrogation by Shreveport Police detectives. On the recording Mickelson says his girlfriend, Beverly Susan Arthur, manipulated him into killing Martin while Mickelson was in a "cocaine-induced- stooper".

Today is not the first time Mickelson has apparently confessed to Martin's death.

"I took a man apart. They wouldn't have put him back together unless I put the pieces in their hand. I didn't have to do that. I could have left him out there," is a quote taken from a phone conversation Mickelson made to his mother from jail.

Despite the apparent confession Mickelson continued to avoid taking responsibility in the recorded interrogation. He said he would take all of the blame so long as his girlfriend Beverly Susan Arthur goes free.

That is not an option however, as Arthur also faces first degree murder charges. This fact has been a major part of the defense's strategy, turning much of the incriminating evidence away from Mickelson and pointing it toward Arthur.

The defense has also hinted at using insanity as a defense. Whether Mickelson's attorney will choose to use the plea or not is yet to be determined.

Testimony will continue tomorrow morning.

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