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Coroner confirms murder-suicide in Bossier City

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Police on the scene 1306 Norris Drive in Bossier City, responding to a shooting Police on the scene 1306 Norris Drive in Bossier City, responding to a shooting

More details are emerging about the events leading up to the deadly double shooting Friday morning in Bossier City's Meadowview neighborhood. 

Bossier Coroner Dr. John Chandler confirms that a man shot a woman and then himself inside the home at 1306 Norris Drive Friday morning.  Bossier Police say 51-year-old Brenda Hampton was at the house with some relatives when 45-year-old John Hampton arrived and confronted her. During the confrontation John Hampton reportedly shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. None of the relatives who were inside the house were hurt.

Both a Bossier Sheriff's deputy and a Bossier City Police officer had been at the home in the hours before the deadly shooting.  The deputy had attempted to serve papers to John Hampton at that address earlier in the morning, but according to this release from the BCSO, he arrived to find Brenda removing some personal items from the residence. 

According to the release, the deputy left around 9:15 a.m. serve another civil paper.  When she drove back by Hampton's home a few minutes later, no one was there.  The deputy then made contact with John Hampton by phone, telling him she had some papers to deliver to him.  When he asked her what type of papers, the deputy told him she would explain in detail in person - but told him he wasn't in any type of trouble. Hampton allegedly told the deputy he was at work in Shreveport, but was coming to Bossier City after lunch to get the civil documents from her.

A short time later, Bossier City spokesperson Mark Natale says they received a call from Brenda Hampton at that address requesting police presence while she moved her stuff out.  The officer arrived, but Natale says he could only tell her that she could not remove any joint property until a hearing scheduled for August 9th could be held. 

The next call they received was the report of the shooting, shortly after 11:00 a.m.  Read the full press release from the Bossier City Police Department here.

According to court records, Brenda Hampton filed for a protective order on July 26th. In that document, she states, "He asked me did I want him to kill me so that we can be together forever. He said he would kill me and then he would kill himself" and, "If I leave him he said if he could not have me no one will, because I am his wife."

Bossier City Police show one record of a domestic disturbance involving the couple. It occurred in November of 2010 and reportedly did not involve violence or threats of physical harm.

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