PSC: No power cutoffs during heat advisory

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Those behind on their bills in Louisiana need not worry about the power being cut off in the middle of a heat advisory.

The Public Service Commission has invoked a rule preventing power companies from shutting off utilities during extreme weather conditions.  The rule prevents electric utilities from cutting off power when the temperature exceeds 105 or drops below 32 degrees.

"Hot weather like we're having now across Louisiana becomes a life-and-death matter when you don't have electricity to run a fan or AC unit," said Foster Campbell, D-Bossier City, who sponsored the rule in 2007.

The National weather service cautioned "unusually hot July weather" which will continue through the weekend with temperatures nearing 110 degrees.

"Hot and humid summertime weather in Louisiana can be just as harmful to human health. This PSC rule requires utilities to be sensitive to this extreme situation," said Campbell.

The rule gives customers who fail to meet deadlines extra time to get their payments up to date, helping to prevent heat-related illness.

"People who fall behind on their bills are not going to see their utilities cut off during this extreme weather. They will be given time to catch up."

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