Bossier family out of water, blames drilling

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) –  "At least we have water now," said Ron Adkins as he turned on the faucet in his bathroom.

He only has water he says because he switched to an older and less desirable well - one with a higher iron content.

His other well has literally dried up and is now full of mud.

Adkins believes nearby drilling for natural gas could be to blame, he says Chesapeake has been drilling near his home for months.

"If this is because of what they're doing, they need to step up and fix it," said Adkins, who went two days without running water.was without running water for two days.

Chesapeake has investigated the claim, and while they admit they have drilled water wells in the area, Chesapeake Spokesperson, Katie McCullen says those wells were capped back in 2009.

McCullen points to the drought, saying in an email that the area is behind 32 inches in rainfall over the past 18 months.

"Yeah, we're going through a drought, 100 degree temperatures, but this isn't the first time and we haven't had any problems out of our well," said Adkins.

If Adkins and his family can't put up with the iron rich water the old well provides, he says they could be forced to pay for another well to be drilled, which would cost several thousand dollars.

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