Giant speed limit sign in front yard

Giant speed limit sign warns speeders

By Fred Childers -  bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  It resembles a real speed limit sign.

"They do take a double look," said Pam Higdon, the owner of the sign.

But on that second look you see that it's about 8 times the size of a real sign.

"People can't say they don't know the speed limit," said neighbor, Joseph Cavalier.

The reason it's so big?

"[To] get attention for them to slow down," said Higdon.

Higdon says she and her husband built the 8 foot tall sign with an entire sheet of plywood and propped it up with a two by "T" shaped 2x4's attached with a hinge.
"I don't remember how we did it, but we did, Higdon said with a giggle. 

They say it's to keep their grandchildren and other children safe from people who continuously speed down the street.

"It's not really anyone who lives on the street, it's just cut through traffic," said Mike Warke, a neighbor who says he loves the sign.

And they have support from their neighbors.

"And we do have a speeding problem on this street, and we appreciate any kind of help. I have grandchildren and great grandchildren and they come here," said Cavalier.

The sign has been up for about a year now, and while it hasn't completely eliminated the problem, residents in the area say they have noticed a difference.

It does help some," said Cavalier, but he goes on to say he would like to see more interest from the city.

"But we still do see them," Higdon said, referring to speeders.

But the good news is, the speeders also see them, and their desire to slow traffic down, thanks to the huge sign.

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