Are gas prices affecting this holiday's travel plans?

Millions traveling during Memorial Weekend

Ark-La-Tex (KSLA)- Are prices at the gas pumps causing some to stay home? According to AAA, more than 34.9 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more during this Memorial weekend. However, drivers are expected to get some relief at the gas pump, as they set out for the memorial day weekend.

Gasoline prices have already dipped 4%- nearly 18 cents per gallon - since flirting with 4 dollars per gallon earlier this month.

The national average for a gallon of gas stands at $3.80, a dollar and five cents higher than last Memorial Day weekend, according to Travel Service AAA, and that is enough to keep some people home and not on a road trip.

"Yes, as well as pretty much finances and bills and a lot of other stuff. So, I mean, if you can afford to go, go. But, if you can't just keep paying the bills (laughing)," says Ron Carley, a Bossier City resident.

But for just under 35 million Americans, the price at the pump will not interfere with holiday travel plans and most sure notice the prices just the same.

"Well, in Little Rock, it's ten cents cheaper than it is here for some reason," says Catherine Chatelain as she pumps her gas at the pump.

Ten cents more per gallon may not seem like much, but it quickly adds up, especially for those with big vehicles and filling up big gas tanks.

"Anywhere from sixty to seventy maybe sometimes even eighty depending on where it is," adds Chatelain.

Another encouraging sign for the economy, AAA says that 34.9 million holiday travelers is the most to hit the road on a Memorial Day holiday weekend since the recession started 3-years ago.

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