Prosecutor threatened at sentencing talks

Dhu Thompson, assistant Caddo district attorney
Dhu Thompson, assistant Caddo district attorney

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  Melvin Johnson has been sentenced to so many years that if he lived two lifetimes he still wouldn't be able to serve all of them - 203 years.
That sentence apparently prompted Johnson to get chatty as he was leaving the courtroom.

He had a few parting words.

"He turned to me in the open court and stated I'm going to get mine soon, and then turned to the judge and indicated the same statement to the judge," said Caddo Prosecutor Dhu Thompson.

He says Johnson's criminal record was so extensive that he was sentenced using a multiple offender bill.

The defendant's record goes back to 1978 for charges of burglary, possession of drugs, illegal possession of stolen things, and the present chare of armed robbery," said Thompson.

It was an armed robbery of a Shreveport gas station on North Market. And with that robbery prosecutors noticed Johnson's habits were becoming more violent.

Surveillance video shows the robber walking up to the counter then pulling a gun on the clerk.

"And then threatened to shoot her after the robbery occurred. Thank God another customer came into the store and interrupted the armed robber," said Thompson. He went on to say that without the interruption, he's certain it would have been a murder case.

But now that Johnson is facing more than 200 years in prison, his threat means very little to the man who prosecuted him.

"I responded that he'd have to get me in another lifetime," said Thompson.

Johnson reportedly only got 100 dollars from that armed robbery.

Thompson says he believes the streets are much safer now that Johnson will spend the rest of his life at Angola prison.

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