Boaters wait until Red River levels crest

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- The Red River is nearly 21 feet deep and it is expected to rise another half foot before cresting.

"Yeah, it looks like it getting pretty high out there," says Jason May, one of the boaters who frequents the river.

With more rain on the way, the water level isn't going down anytime soon, meaning boaters will have to launch their boat somewhere else - if at all,  on the Red at least.

The public is not allowed to launch their boats at the closed boat ramps for safety reasons and, until the water goes down, the warning signs will stay up.

"I think it's safe for it to be closed, because some of the smaller boats will have a problem with the undertow and the current," added May.

May and his friend didn't get the closure memo, and had hoped to launch their boat on the Red, but eventually did agree the closure was probably for their best.

"It's just too dangerous. There are a lot of logs and debris that could do some damage. You know, rip of the lower unit."

But as far as their outing is concerned: "Oh, we're going fishing. Yes, we are going fishing," says May

"Just not here."

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