Natchitoches city councilwoman arrested

A Natchitoches city councilwoman has been arrested, accused of with interfering with an investigation.

Sylvia Morrow, 64, of Natchitoches faces a charge of resisting an officer. She allegedly ignored commands to move her car from the middle of the road, as agents with the Natchitoches Drug Task Force were conducting an investigation of suspicious activity.

According to a Task Force Official, the arrest happened on Saturday April 30th of when agents of the Criminal Patrol Unit were conducting a traffic stop on Amulet Street.  According to police, Morrow ignored the agents' commands and exited her vehicle while it was still in the middle of the roadway thus impeding traffic. She was arrested after proceeding towards the agents.

Morrow was charged with Resisting an Officer by the Intentional Interfering with an Officer during the course of his/her Official Capacity. She is booked at the Natchitoches Police Department and currently withheld with a $2,500.00 property bond.

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