Bowie County Deputy laid to rest

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Texarkana, TX(KSLA)- To the sound of the 21-gun-salute, friends, family and colleagues all came together to remember and honor Bowie County Deputy Sherri Jones.

Funeral services for Jones got underway at 2-o'clock this afternoon in at Trinity Baptist Church in Texarkana, 5-days after being shot and killed Monday while escorting an inmate from a court hearing in New Boston, Texas. The crime has shaken the entire community and is drawing attention nationwide.

It all happened when a mental patient being transported to a county courthouse by Deputy Sherri Jones over powered her and allegedly took her life.

Many of her colleagues remember her she talked to our officers just minutes before and said everything was going fine, just before she pulled into the basement with him.

There are many questions about how and why the murder happened, but no questions in her boss's mind about what kind of deputy she was.

Sheriff James Prince remembers his colleague Jones. "This lady would not harm a fly. You could not ask for a better employee or a nicer lady."

Along with the personal memories and kind thoughts, some other nice quote about Sherri Jones

are online memorials to the deputy.

Many of Sherri's Facebook friends, including her son, have posted an image of a blue bar, in memory of her.

But perhaps the most haunting Facebook post is a conversation with her daughter just weeks before her death.

Her daughter asks a question about what she calls "crazy people."

Sherri replies, "I don't hang out with them. I take them to the hospital."

Her daughter asks, "So your worried about them getting you huh?"and she says, "they won't get me."

As family and friends remember her at her funeral, people across the world use the internet to share their prayers.

You can also post your prayers and wishes for the family on our KSLA Facebook page.

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