Justin Bloxom honored at Sheriff's Safety Town

By Tracy Clemons - bio|email

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- Learning from tragedy. That was the idea behind a program today to teach local kids about internet safety. The event was hosted by Town Square Media and Sheriff's Safety Town for the "Justin Bloxom: We Care About Our Kids Day."

At Safety Town in Shreveport, experts taught internet safety classes amongst the many other events that were held. The event honored the memory of Justin Bloxom, the 12-year old boy killed last year. Authorities later arrested a convicted sex offender who allegedly posed as a little girl and lured Justin on his cell phone.

Today's lessons included talks on sexting and stranger danger.

I'm hoping that people will start not only watching out for their own children, but to watch out for everybody else's kids," says V.J. Jackson Justin with Justin Bloxom Alliance for Innocence.

"Any time they get on line, they may be communicating with who they think might be someone their own age, who shares the same interests. That may not be the case," says Richard Corbett with the Caddo Sheriff's Office.

Kids and parents also got to walk and ride bikes around safety town, and got water safety tips.

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