Missing Oil City woman's family seeking closure

By Tracy Clemons - bio|email

Oil City, LA(KSLA)- It has been a mystery now 3 months running. Detectives say they know Tracy Winslow was kidnapped from her home in Oil City, in north Caddo Parish on Sunday, January 23rd and reported missing the next day.

Just this week, her ex-boyfriend and father of her 3-children was back in court. A judge upped his bond to a million dollars, accused in Winslow's kidnapping.

But the question remains, where's Tracy Winslow?

Tracy Winslow's aunt tells us this has been the hardest three months her family has ever gone through and she doesn't know that things will get better until Tracy is found.

"There's no way we can move on.  There's no way we can have closure," says Tracy Winslow's aunt, Felicia.

Tracy Winslow vanished from the parking lot outside her mother's Oil City apartment the night of January 23 rd.

Her aunt Felicia Holden-Starkes tells us it's been an especially hard time for Winslow's three children.

"These used to be happy kids. These kids, as I look at them, there's no joy. That happiness is gone."

Their father, Eddie Lee Jackson, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and arson. Winslow's car was found burned near North Lakeshore and Kuhn's Road in Caddo Parish.

Starkes says there are no other logical suspects, and she pleads with him to say something.

"I pray that he will, if not just for our sake, that if he'll do it for their kids' sake, that he will tell what happened."

There have been rumors ever since Tracy disappeared.

"We've been getting phone calls left and right with people telling us they say they found her. It's like you want the phone call, but then it's like you really don't."

A candlelight vigil, a few days after Tracy disappeared, drew hundreds. Starkes says much of that support has dried up.

"Now all we can do is look to God for our strength and our help and support."

We asked if they're prepared for the possibility that Tracy is dead.

"It's not over till God says it's over. We're prepared to go through whatever God is gonna have us to go through. We know He's gonna be with us every step of the way."

Starkes expresses her belief that someone in Oil City knows where Tracy is, but is either scared to say something or doesn't want to get involved.

She and the Caddo Parish Sheriff's office urge anyone with information to call investigators at 318-675-2170.