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Capt. Shreve head baseball coach suspended

By Jeff Ferrell – bio|email 

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – KSLA News 12 has now confirmed that the suspended faculty-coach from the Captain Shreve High School baseball team is Head Coach Todd Sharp.  That word comes after a day of revelations and lingering questions about exactly what happened inside baseball practice(s).

Earlier in the day, Caddo Schools Superintendent Dr. Gerald Dawkins held a news conference to explain two separate alleged ‘misdeeds' involving Captain Shreve's baseball program.  Dr. Dawkins explained that the first incident involved a student who claims he was coerced by students and staff into a wrestling match at baseball practice last week.

As for the second incident, Dr. Dawkins explained, "Separate concerns were raised regarding inappropriate behavior by a faculty coach who has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of that investigation."

And on this evening, (4/14/11) Head Coach Todd Sharp told me over the phone that he is the suspended coach.  Sharp says he is not allowed to say anything about the situation but that, "In a couple of weeks it will all wash out."

The first incident, involving the alleged coerced wrestling, did not involve a faculty member of the Caddo School system.  That is why the two incidents are being handled separately and differently.  Dr. Dawkins did say that, "Parents should feel confident in knowing that the issue is being taken seriously and those involved have been removed from the situation."

But that's where the answers stopped.  During Thursday's news conference Dr. Dawkins either couldn't or wouldn't answer at least nine different questions about the two incidents, like whether or not anything like this has happened before at Captain Shreve baseball practices.  "We're still investigating that right now and we hope to get it, to get that information very soon."

And, as for the alleged instigator of that forced wrestling match, Dawkins only offered, "I don't have the details in front of me but he'll certainly get the max whatever it is in the policy."  That policy is five days suspension. 

The bottom line:  Superintendent Dawkins says it is the district's Human Resources department that's heading up the investigation.  Maybe when they're finished we might learn more about what prompted the immediate suspension of Captain Shreve's head coach.

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