Tucker's mother accused of jury tampering

Shreveport, La(KSLA)- It only took a Caddo Parish jury 30 minutes to sentence 20-year-old Lamondre Tucker to death.

On Tuesday, the jury found Tucker guilty of killing 18-year-old Tavia Sills after deliberating for less than an hour.

Sills was shot to death and left in a pond off Legardy Street in Shreveport back in 2008.

Now, there are allegations against Tucker's mother who is accused of "jury tampering" in the case.

Lamondre Tucker's mother, Alicia Tucker, faces a federal charge of Conspiracy to Commit Perjury.

She was arrested Wednesday night right after her son's sentencing.

KSLA News 12 was told that during jury selection, she and Lamondre talked with a prospective juror who they knew in a three-way telephone call. The call, like every call from Caddo Correctional Center, was recorded.

In that call, they allegedly tried to convince that juror to change her testimony in an attempt to get onto the jury for the actual trial.

"The prospective juror, in testimony the previous day, indicated that the juror could not under any circumstances impose the death penalty. During the conversation that was helped to be arranged by Ms. Tucker the defendant now, Alicia Tucker, the prospective juror was encouraged to, and did change testimony," says Caddo Parish District Attorney Charles Scott.

If convicted, Alicia Tucker could face 49 years hard labor.

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