Teaching kids not to be picky eaters

UNDATED (CNN) – Teaching kids about a healthy lifestyle just might begin in a kitchen with foreign foods. Now there's a new program that introduces even the pickiest eaters to foods from around the world and teaches them how to be healthy eaters for life.

Connor Fraundorf  and his sister Juliana may be young, but they're no strangers to the kitchen.

"I love cooking so much mostly because I love to eat," says Connor.

"It's just fun to put it together and find out how everything works together to make something delicious," Juliana said.

This class is called Handstand Kids, based on the cookbooks of the same name. These kids are learning about Italy, Mexico and China by making foods from the different countries.

"I want kids to feel empowered with the skill of cooking. I want it to--them to feel connected to the rest of the world. The earlier you introduce children to other countries the more involved they become and interested in other places as well," says the book's co-author Yvette Garfield.

She wants kids to see that trying new things can be tasty while being healthy.

"The recipes are a balance, we like to say a cultural representation of that country, while still having you know a sense of authenticity to the country but also being kid-friendly," she said. "We start with what's familiar to them with you know certain fruits and vegetables and then we build on that ."

Building skills they can carry wherever life takes them.

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