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Man steals WIFI to download child pornography

(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)
Portland,OR -

PORTLAND, OR (CNN) – A man faces charges for stealing his neighbor's wireless Internet connection to collect and trade child pornography.  

"I don't even know what a wifi is," said Don Silva.

 Silva may not know what wifi is, but the rest of his family does and had no idea their neighbor Kyle Broadhurst was allegedly tapping into their connection and other neighbor's unsecured wireless networks to download child pornography.

"My wife uses the computer, everybody uses the computer but me," Silva said.

Investigators said everyone can learn something from this incident and ensure your wireless network is secure and password protected.

Officers said Broadhurst used a special directional WIFI antenna purchased overseas off the Internet to steal from people living within a quarter mile radius.

Silva is also concerned because the suspect lives right next to an elementary school and shudders to learn his unsecured WIFI, likely helped Broadhurst download images of young children being sexually abused.

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