A closer look at Shreveport bond issue

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - On April 2, Shreveport voters will say yes or no to a $175 million bond issue to fund infrastructure improvements.

We tested to see how much people on Shreveport's streets know about the bond issue.

"There's not a lot that I know about it," says one woman.

"None at all," says Godfrey Joiner. He shares a few things he hopes get fixed.

"In my neighborhood, the streets are pretty bad."

Both say not enough is being done to tell people about it.

"For those who are really into the bond issue, and are working on it, I'm sure they have a lot of information. But for the everyday citizen there's probably not a lot of information out there," the woman says.

Voters will consider three propositions on April second that the mayor says will be funded with no new taxes.

Proposition 1: $93 million for water and sewer.

"When you talk about water and sewer, that's not a Cooper Road issue. That's not a Highlands issue. That's not a Lakeside issue. It's a Shreveport issue," says Mayor Cedric Glover.

Proposition 2: $ 38 million for public safety and SPAR projects. Those include renovations to the Municipal Auditorium, Riverview Theater, and several parks to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"We have some parks and recreation issues that are as much a part of our quality of life concerns as they are our public safety issues," Mayor Glover says.

Proposition 3: $44 million for streets and drainage projects. Mayor Glover says it includes more than $20 million to get the city "started down the road towards dealing with that 60 plus million dollars in undone, unmet, unfunded street improvements."

"If we have such a drastic need for water and sewer, why aren't we spending all 175-million of it on water and sewer," adds Royal Alexander with the Red River TEA Party.

He says there are too many questions that haven't been answered sufficiently.

"We just wish that the bond vote would not be April 2. We wish it would be postponed and rescheduled for October 22 when the Governor's election is because many more people will vote that day," Alexander says.

A comprehensive look at all the projects in this bond issue is on a new web site set up by the city.

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