Who's sending Caddo and Bossier churches sex CDs?

Caddo Parish, LA(KSLA)- Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is issuing a warning after several churches in Caddo Parish received suspicious mail containing CDs of pornographic images, that's according to a news release from the Caddo Sheriff's Office.

Prator said the Caddo Sheriff's Office has received reports from seven churches in the parish that received the same type envelope. All received them on Wednesday. Other envelopes were reportedly mailed to churches in Bossier Parish, Prator said.

Investigators in Bossier Parish also need the public's help because at least two churches in Bossier Parish have received the packet.

In addition to the disks, the envelopes contained a typed narrative of the writer's personal beliefs which is a "narrative" unclearly implying that the sender is crusading against pornography. A short printed letter says the packages are being sent anonymously to every church in the area.

Sheriff Steve Prator said anyone who receives such an envelope should not open it but contact the Sheriff's Office at 318-675-2170 so the contents can be processed by deputies. The Sheriff's Office is investigating to determine if any crime has been committed.

In Bossier City, Sheriff Larry Dean also says to immediately contact the Bossier Sheriff's Department at 318-965-2203 if such envelopes are received.

(Courtesy of the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)