BLOG: 2011 March for Babies


We're so excited today and getting ready for KSLA News 12 at 5 and 6. We'll have a live phone bank where volunteers will accept your donations to give premature babies a fighting chance. Please be generous.


Domonique and I visited the NICU at Willis Knighton South to tour the state of the art facility and see firsthand how the March of Dimes is helping these very fragile babies.


After a super 3 mile run yesterday with marathon runner Croix Sather, this morning, we ran with the highly motivated group from Barksdale Federal Credit Union. Special thanks to them and the Bossier City Police Department for providing safety escort. We appreciate all of you. We have 24 more days that we are running before the March of Dimes walk. Please donate to this wonderful cause today. Go back to our home page and click on our TEAM KSLA banner under headlines and give what you can today. Thank you so much!



I recently had the opportunity to meet Ryan and Hilary Wooley and their brand new twins. The twins (Maximus & Isabel) were born a month early and are now in the Willis Knighton Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The premmies are just one reason my co-anchor Pat Simon and I are running 12 miles per week for the March of Dimes. March of Dimes donations and research help to improve the health of babies and prevent birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. You donation will help give the tiniest babies a chance! Go to and make your donation today.


The storms left us beautiful skies today and very windy conditions. I managed to log 3 miles wrapping up my 12 miles for the week. Domonique ran 2 to wrap up her 12. We have only 29 days to go so please don't forget to donate and sponsor our team at Thanks.


I was especially motivated today to run. Yesterday, I did an interview with Bridget and Yves Verrett who's son Ethan is this year's March of Dimes Ambassador child. What a wonderful story I will share with you in the days to come. I ran 5 miles today.

4/13 /11

Special thanks to LSUS and Soccer Coach Mike Aguilar and the men and women's teams  for running with Domonique and me this morning. We ran 3 miles around the beautiful campus in Shreveport. Also thanks to the GREEKS. They are collecting DIMES for the March of Dimes and they will donate some of the proceeds to our run. Domonique was a real trooper today. She was not feeling well, but she stuck it out! Thanks Dom! She even logged 5 miles yesterday. Awesome.


TGIT ... it's Thursday ... time for 3 more miles to wrap up my 12 for the week. Only 60 more miles left. We're running for babies!

4/ 6/ 11

Managed to work in 3 miles this morning. ... total of 9 ... going for 3 tomorrow.

4/ 5/ 11

After a few days of felling under the weather, we were back to the bricks getting more miles in for babies. Today, Domonique and I ran 3 miles with the Shreveport Police Academy recruits Class 65. Thanks for the motivation gang.



Yeah it's Sunday, but since the weather was expected to be an issue Monday, I decided to get in 3 miles today. 69 left to go. 40 days left in our campaign.
Join us at the Shreveport Police Academy at 6440 Greenwood Road (I-20 West, exit right on Pines, then left on Greenwood). We will run with the recruits for the babies.



Hey everyone! After a few days of vacation, Monday I was back on the trail (ran 3 miles) and today I ran 4 miles. Need to run 7 more for the week. Tomorrow, we will be at Brookshires on Line Avenue and run to Betty Virginia Park. We're running for babies and the March of Dimes. Thanks for your donations.

Update: Domonique says she ran 3 miles this week. She is a trooper. She will get to 12 for the week before we know it.

Update 3/31: Brookshires ran was fantastic. Thanks to the volunteers for being there to cheer us on.!


Warm day today but still a very nice run for babies. I logged 3 miles, but I only needed 2 to make my 12 mile mile mark for the week. It's really 16 if you consider the ceremonial kickoff Monday. haha  I will log a few this weekend and then back to the longer runs next week. I am taking a few days off from here, so I will see you folks next week. Thanks for helping the March of Dimes. To make a donation, go to the MOD / KSLA banner and sponsor our team. Again, thanks.



I am really starting to feel the pain now, but hey, it's a great cause. Today, I ran 4 miles. Beautiful weather. 2 more miles to go this week. 84 total miles left. Domonique tells me she ran 2 today. She has 90 to go. Go Domonique!!!!



It's quite a windy day which made for a perfect 6 mile run today. I am 10 miles down with 90 more to go for my personal goal. Less than 8 weeks left. You will usually see me along Clyde Fant trail. Just know that we're running for March of Dimes babies. You can sponsor Domonique and me right now. Our total goal is 200 miles. You can pledge per mile or simply make any donation. Thanks. Pat


Hey everyone! We'll we're off. Domonique and I ran our first 4 miles in our KSLA News "12 For Babies: Run Before the Walk." Our goal is a total of 200 miles. It's for a great cause: to help raise money for the March of Dimes. We will keep you up to date on our progress. Please make your pledges for our campaign now. Your donation will go a long way to prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Please be generous.