Hospital refuses to hire smokers, some smokers getting canned

ROCHESTER, MI (KSLA) - If you light up and is looking for a job, you definitely don't want to apply at one Michigan hospital.

Hospital officials have implemented a new rule against hiring people who smoke. As a matter of fact, the hospital has taken 'back' job offers from people who failed its nicotine test.

Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, Michigan is now one of the first in the state of Michigan refusing to hire smokers.

"And it's setting a good example for the community and I just think it's 'the right thing' to do," said Lynn Orfgen, CEO of Crittenton Hospital.

Orfgen says the new rule will not only save the hospital money in health care costs, but it helps promote a healthier lifestyle on campus.

What do you say to people who say this is discrimination or if you are going after smokers, why aren't you going after those who are maybe overweight?

"We are working on things for overweight folks, like myself, I am working on it and I think we will be working on things like that. I think we owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our staff," Orfgen said.

Potential employees are screened for nicotine and so far two have failed the test and their job offers were revoked. So what do you think, fair rule or downright discrimination?

"Employers can't take on that responsibility if you don't take responsibility yourself," one proponent of the measure believes.

Others believe, "Right or wrong, I don't know it is hard to say, I guess I'll come down a little bit on the discriminatory side it."

Another person says, "Since I am not a smoker I think it is a great idea."