LA Gov. Jindal starting to run campaign ads

NEW ORLEANS, LA (CBS) – The election for Louisiana governor is now seven months away. Starting Thursday, Governor Bobby Jindal's first re-election commercial will begin airing. It's the kickoff to his campaign, even though right now, the governor doesn't have an opponent.

"I've made it very clear as governor, we're not raising taxes in the State of Louisiana," says Jindal in his campaign ad.

Political Analyst Clancy Dubos calls the commercial a politically safe play.

"And the safe course, if you've got ten million in the bank and a message to get out, go ahead and spend the money, that's why they gave it to him," he said.

In another part of the commercial, Jindal says, "My number one job is creating jobs. That's why we're forcing government to do more with less."

Dubos says Governor Jindal starts as a clear favorite, but believes any candidate is beatable.

Caroline Fayard's name has been bounced around as a possible opponent. She lost the lieutenant governor's race in a runoff in November.

"If he was seriously vulnerable, you would hear some names out there," Dubos said. "All you hear are little flutters of maybe this, maybe that. But nobody who's actively testing the waters is even out there."

Although there is no declared opponent yet, Kevin Franck, the spokesperson for the Louisiana Democratic Party did have a response to the Governor's commercial, saying, "When an incumbent Governor starts pouring money into TV ads this far out from Election Day without a publicly declared opponent, it's a sure sign he's worried about his standing with Louisiana families."

Four years ago, Jindal beat 11 opponents in the first primary. He didn't need a runoff. But Dubos says Jindal's popularity has gone down in the past three years.

"Bobby Jindal's personal numbers are still good, but there are some ripples on the water out there, and there's a potential there. It's not a tidal wave, but there's some potential there for somebody else. I think Jindal getting out there early, out front with his ads is aimed at quieting some of that ripple," he said.

In the governor's race four years ago, Jindal finished with more than 53% of the vote. The second place finisher in the primary, Democrat Walter Boasso, finished with 17%, more than 36 points back.

The election is October 22.

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