Gas prices then and now

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – These days, most people cringe when they pull up to the pump.

"Gas prices today are ridiculous," said December Garner as she filled up her tank.

With gas around $3.50 a gallon at some gas stations, just getting from point A to point B can cost you.

"It effects me tremendously, because to fill up this car it $60," said Garner.

Some Customers remember a time when the price was less than a dollar a gallon.

"When I first started driving and had a license, gasoline I think was about $.25 a gallon," said John Butcher.

We found an Exxon sign in Shreveport listing the price as $3.51 a gallon for regular unleaded. Then, we took a look back in our archives and found a story in 2000 when an Exxon station only charged $1.45 a gallon. We showed the picture from 2000 to people filling up today.

"That's a heck of a jump. It's about 200%," said Butcher

"Today supreme is $3.79. A decade ago it was $1.65. Wow," said Garner.

However, the people KSLA News 12 interviewed 11 years ago weren't as envious of those prices.

"This high price is tough. It's got me down on my knees. It brought me down so low, I have to get down on my knees to try and pay for this gas," said one man at the time complaining about rising costs, just like we do now.

"If it were still that way today, a lot of people would be more happy," said Garner.

While looking at old prices may make you wish you could travel back in time, it also makes you wonder what we'll say when we look back 10 years from now.

Some experts, like the ex-president of Shell Oil have predicted we could see prices as high as $5.00 a gallon next year.

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