SFD brings fire safety to neighborhoods

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- The Shreveport Fire Department's is holding it's first free smoke alarm give-away campaign for 2011 in the Stoner Hill community this weekend.

Volunteers from Lowe's Home Improvement and the Shreveport Fire Corps will meet at the Valencia Recreational Center on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. for a short briefing before walking the streets and knocking on doors installing needed smoke alarms and inspecting some that are already in residents. The event is expected to last until noon.

Members of the fire department will be available to inspect homes for hazards as well as provide fire safety tips.

"We have broadened our scope for this program by offering on-the-spot home inspections and assistance with residential fire escape plans", said Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention Pat Dyas.

Over the past two years the Shreveport Fire Department has doubled the number of smoke alarms installed, recording an average of 800 smoke alarms installed since 2008.

If you need a smoke alarm or would like to set up a free fire safety consultation, please contact the Shreveport Fire Prevention Division at 318-673-6740.

(News Release Courtesy of the Shreveport Fire Department)

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