Battle: Los Angeles filmed in Shreveport

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- On your next trip to the theatre, you may notice Shreveport is under an alien attack.

The movie Battle: Los Angeles has hit theaters nationwide. Parts of the movie was shot right here in Shreveport.

But the aliens are no match for the Shreveport Police Department.

"We can not lose Los Angeles."

The L.A. Coastline, the Santa Monica Pier under attack by aliens, but filed away for safe keeping, alongside Mr. Brooks, beyond a reasonable doubt and others. There's a battle inside Sgt. Todd Eatman's office.

"Some of our plans, what we had to go thru to get things set up," says Sgt. Eastman.

Sgt. Eatman is the special events coordinator for the Shreveport Police Department events from parades, but now he in the movies including Battle: Los Angeles.

Instead of actually filming the battle in L.A., movie makers decided to just make Shreveport look like LA instead.

In the fall of 2009, Sgt. Eatman led a security and safety oversite team when the northern tip of Interstate 49 was shutdown for helicopter crashes and explosions.

Ten million dollars and one heck of a fake background later and an I-49 fire becomes an alien near miss.

And Sgt. Eatman had a ringside seat for this big screen battle of the galaxies. Even S.P.D was converted into the L.A.P.D.

From the parking lot to the rooftop, production crews dragged cameras all over S.P.D.

The elevator damaged, half open and half up despite the aliens' attempts to bring it all down was all filmed.

This hall of justice still stands today complete with a new paint job with hero actor Aaron Eckart left to save the day.

"How do you battle aliens? Put them in jail."

Sgt. Eatman can concentrate special events and leave the alien fighting.