The Boogie Woogie Ball builds main street

Marshall, TX (KSLA) - After burglars steal more than $50,000 worth of equipment from a community renewal group, the town of Marshall answers with a Boogie Woogie fundraiser.

"It's not just our one organization that was benefiting from the sound equipment but a lot of people. So its very important that we get it replaced and back into use," said Bo Ellis, Director of Main Street Marshall. Main Street Marshall is an organization that aims to promote events and growth in the downtown area.

"When we talk about main street, revitalizing downtown and doing a good job of bringing in live music, Boogie Woogie is the natural way to raise money for that," said Jack Canson of Marshall, TX: Birthplace of Boogie Woogie. It's money that will help bring music back to the streets of Marshall.