New study shows danger of 2nd hand smoke

UNDATED (KSLA) – It's no secret that smoking can wreak havoc on the body, but now new research shows the deadly impact that second hand smoke can have, especially for children.

The World Health Organization says second-hand smoke kills about 600,000 non-smokers each year around the globe.  Scientists analyzed data from 192 countries.

Forty percent of children and more than 30% of non-smoking adults regularly breathe in second-hand smoke.

Exposure led to deaths from heart disease, asthma and lung cancer.

Experts say there's no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke.

While smoking prohibitions have reduced second hand smoke in bars and restaurants, non-smokers can even be at risk in their own homes.

Another study found children living in apartments and attached homes feel the effects of their neighbors' smoking habits.

Cotinine, a chemical byproduct of nicotine exposure, was found in the blood of 5000 children across the country, ages 6-18.  None of them lived with a smoker.

Children living in apartments had cotinine levels 45 percent higher than children living in detached houses.

Scientists hope this new information will lead to more smoking bans.

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