Mom of five year old who nearly drowned speaks to KSLA News 12

By Tracy Clemons – bio|email

HAUGHTON, LA (KSLA)- Less than a week after a five year old Barron Prince nearly drowned in Lake Bistineau, his mother opens up about that emotional day.

He was riding an airboat with his family when it tipped over.

To watch him play in the yard and bring his mom flowers today, you wouldn't know he nearly drowned.

"That he's able to bring me this is wonderful," says Dawn Prince.

Barron was on one of the family's airboats with his father and a few other relatives Sunday when it happened.

"They were barely even moving, and when he went to turn, it just tipped, and everybody fell out of the boat and when they all came up, they realized he wasn't there."

Once everyone realized that Barron was stuck under water between bars below the seats, they formed a chain to get the boat into shallow enough water so they could lift it up and get him out.

"That's when my son dove back down to try to find Barron, and he dove back down and came up with him," Prince says.

They laid his seemingly lifeless body on a log to revive him.

"If it wasn't for her (Katie, a family friend) and my husband giving him CPR, and if it wasn't for my 14-year old son getting him out of there, he wouldn't be here today."

And today Barron is just fine.

"I want to thank God most of all because if it wasn't for Him holding him at that moment and making sure he was ok, he wouldn't be here."

And Dawn Prince has a few words for the public- "So many people that we don't know who prayed for him, and their hearts went out to him, and I want to thank everyone that has done that."

Now that life is back to normal, she tells us there will be one big change around there- "We're getting rid of the boats. We are not keeping the airboats."

Barron will go back to school Monday.

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