Youtube videos earning some a fortune

Undated(KSLA)- Imagine a job that would allow you to earn six figures just for making videos and posting them to Youtube.

It sounds to good to be true, but, as Jason Carroll found out, hundreds of people are doing just that.

Whether it's David after the dentist or cats who slap, Youtube is not only a place for laughs. Some are now laughing all the way to the bank.

"They're making more than six figures a year, making very, very funny videos for Youtube, educational videos, how-to videos and the program is growing and growing," says Youtube spokeswoman Annie Baxter.

What's growing is Youtube's partner program, here's how it works:

If creators of popular videos like this one: Michelle Phan is making thousands just showing women how to apply makeup.

Rob Homayoon is doing the same instructing on origami.

So far, Youtube says 15,000 people worldwide are in their partner program.

They're shy on specifics, but estimate hundreds are making six figures or more a year and thousands are making about a grand per month. And, a few are pulling in more than one-million per year.

But when you look at the odds of making the real money, what are the odds here that we're really talking about?

"Okay, they're pretty slim. Let's be frank. I wouldn't encourage anybody to just go up today and quit their job and start uploading videos onto Youtube," answers Jessi Hempel with Fortune Magazine.

Emily Kim did quit her day job at a non-profit after making enough money in the program with her Korean cooking tips.

The criteria for being accepted to the Youtube partner program include making original high-quality videos and regularly uploading them to Youtube.

Posters must also own the rights to all material used in the videos.