Shreveport redistricting public hearing to be held Monday

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- Citizens in the Shreveport area are invited to attend the special upcoming redistricting public hearing being held by the Senate and House Governmental Affairs Committees and local legislators.

The meeting will give the public the opportunity to have a say in who will be representing them and how the lines of Legislative, Congressional, Public Service Commission, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal election districts will be redrawn.

The redistricting process, happens every ten years and it's the process by which the Legislature redraws the geographic boundaries of political representation on the federal, state and local levels according to population changes.

"Public input is an extremely vital part of the redistricting process," said Sen. Jackson.

"I strongly encourage everyone in the area to attend and to use this opportunity to  participate in a very important part of representative democracy. The redistricting process will impact the way each and every citizen is represented in many facets of government."

The latest national Census numbers show Shreveport's population has dropped by about half a percent. The drop in population could also mean a loss in federal funding.

The Census findings are the basis for re-drawing district lines if necessary to reflect changes in population for proper representation.

Citizens are encouraged to come to the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum auditorium on Greenwood Road Monday, starting at 6:00 PM to be part of the process.

Any new district plans must still be approved the by the Justice department before anything is changed.

The special session to decide on the shape of the districts must end by April 13th and it is one of nine meetings being held around the state to gather public input.

All meetings are being streamed over the Internet ( for live viewing and archived thereafter. Citizens can submit their comments and questions and find additional contact information on the legislative redistricting web pages at or