Tardy to work excuses?

Washington, D.C.(KSLA)- You've heard the old phrase, "better late than never." But when it comes to workplace punctuality, that's a philosophy your employer may not embrace.

A new survey finds that more workers are getting to the office on time, while others are getting more creative about their tardiness.

Chances are, you've been there: Hung up in a traffic jam, slapping the snooze button too many times, even stuck in a long line for your morning coffee, and late for work.

But according to a survey by CareerBuilder.com, workers are becoming more punctual, perhaps due to the poor economy, and fear of losing their jobs. The number of employees arriving late to the office at least once per week has slid, from 20 percent in 2008, to 15 percent now.

If you're still one of the latecomers, keep this in mind: 32 percent of employers surveyed said they've terminated an employee for tardiness. And even if you slip past the boss, others are watching.

"It's really about your own track record, your performance and also people who are sitting around you notice as well. The most popular excuses? Traffic takes the top, followed by lack of sleep, bad weather, and child care," says Cynthia McIntyre with CareerBuilder.com.

Other employee excuses were a little more unusual.

Bosses reported hearing from a worker who said a botox appointment ran longer than expected. Another cited a car inhabited by a hive of bees. Yet another, blamed out-of-sync karma.

Experts say you don't get points for creativity, so don't waste valuable time coming up with a story.

"It's about getting in touch with your supervisor as soon as possible about your situation and when you expect to get into work, and just to be honest about your current situation and what's holding you up," adds McIntyre.