H1N1 claims young life in East Texas

By Fred Childers – bio|email

ELYSIAN FIELDS, TX (KSLA) – While sitting with a group of family members and holding a four leaf clover Shane Lindsey says" I was just sitting here and I saw it and thought of my son".

Shane is the father of Trenton Lindsey who died Tuesday night reportedly from H1N1.

"And I'm going to miss him," said Shane.

"You wouldn't think a thirteen year old could be that compassionate or that loving, and that's the kind of guy he was," said Pat Lindsey, Trenton's grandmother.

Trenton reportedly came down with a fever over the weekend after playing a basketball game - he was given medicine and watched closely.

But by Monday his condition took a turn for the worse.

"When I came home that evening and he tried to talk to me I knew he was struggling to talk," said Pat.

Trenton was rushed to the hospital.

But to their shock, Trenton's condition which at the time included pneumonia in both lungs, would require surgery.

By Tuesday night, Trenton couldn't hold on any longer.

"I was really shocked and scared and sad," said friend, Jacob Gaspord.

Some fellow students saw him alive for the last time on Friday.

"It was just pure shock, I couldn't believe it because I knew him, and I never expected something like that to happen," said another friend, Katie Mcbroom.

Concerned parents have been calling the school board, and the school much of the day, their concern is over Trenton's family, they're also concerned about the possibility of another case. So far there have been no more confirmed cases of H1N1.

Trenton's family believes his giving spirit will live on, through the experimental surgery that was performed on him.

"Last night when we left the hospital the doctor told us that Trenton Alexander Lindsey's name would be mentioned in a lot of conference meetings because he has paved the way from what they've learned from that experience," said Pat.

Pat also says one of her other grandchildren has a confirmed case of H1N1, but that he's showing no signs of the flu.

To date, we have not received any confirmation of other cases there.

The family wants others to know, that if your kids are showing signs, to get them checked out quickly.

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