Barksdale Military Working Dogs Train For Missions

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) – Aim high… fly, fight, and win. That is the motto for the United States Air Force. For several airmen at Barksdale Air Force base that mission starts on the ground with man's best friend.

Nearly a dozen military working dogs are trained on the base daily to help with the Global Strike Command. Caro is one of the dogs trained to sniff for something suspicious. When he lets his handler know he has found a scent he stops, stares at the spot, then is rewarded with a toy he only sees when he does his job right.

He is part of nine kennel mates that are trained to sniff out nine different odors used to make bombs.

"Dogs have a better capability, night vision-wise, obviously their scents are way more advanced than a humans," said Paul Eversley, kennel master at Barksdale Air Force Base.

When most people run away from danger the dogs and the airmen that work with them on a daily basis run into it.

"We are actually taking ourselves into the danger with the hope and confidence our dogs will find the explosives and keep us safe."

Max is one of the most well trained K-9's on the base. He's been taught to attack questionable targets with one wrong move. These dogs are trained to be vicious. That's the main reason they are left behind every night and are not allowed to go home with their handlers.

"We know the liability and just a part of the job."