Cabbie war to go before the city council

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- A new "app" for a smart phone is intended to help *prevent* drunk driving, but, it's also having another, unintended consequence - a controversy at Shreveport City Hall.

I-shuttles is a 'membership only' app that allows people to order a shuttle, pay for it with a credit card that's on file, and even track the shuttle.

Some taxi company owners are crying foul.

They say that I-shuttles is trying to get around the policies that they have to pay thousands of dollars to comply with.

"I want to be on an even playing field.  That's always what I wanted. Competition is always good for the business. However, what you have is some guys that did not fit the rules that we had established before, and now we're trying to fit them into a market that doesn't have a place for them," said local cabbie driver Kenneth Crawford.

"Some of those regulations don't suit the way that our shuttles are meant to optimize travel for people. So in that case, we want to make sure we're 100 percent legal in the home town where we started the software," said co-owner of I-shuttle Randall Ache.

This cabbie war is set to go before the city council Tuesday.