Will warning signs on the Red River work?

Red River Tragedy: One year later

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- The debate over whether to put warning signs up on the Red River continues.

KSLA News 12 has been following the process to get signs posted ever since the Red River Tragedy in August of 2010, when 6 teenagers drowned in the river.

This past Wednesday, Mayor Cedric Glover said that the idea is not practical and now, the Shreveport Public Safety Committee is taking up the issue.

Public Safety Commission chairman Oliver Jenkins says officials should do what they can to prevent another Red River Tragedy whether that's with signs-which Mayor Glover has ruled out or other measures- he's not sure.

The committee was set to have preliminary discussions about signs on the River today, Friday, but ran out of time.

Jenkins, who is also City Council President says it will be on the next meeting's agenda.

KSLA News 12 caught up with Shreveport Fire Chief Brian Crawford after the meeting, and he agrees with Mayor Glover that signs are not the ultimate solution.

"If somebody wants to get in somewhere in the river, it runs the length of our city. Can you fence the whole thing off?  If you put a sign here, but don't put one here and it's 10 feet away and somebody enters over here. So the two things we are focusing on are education and swim lessons for the children," says Chief Crawford.

The committee's chairman says any decision about signs should be a joint decision with the City, Caddo Parish, and Bossier Parish.

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