7 foods that can speed up weight loss

Losing weight is never easy, but enjoying certain foods can actually speed the process because they boost your metabolism.

Bet you never would have thought cheese could speed weight loss, but it's the first food on the list in Self Magazine.

Women who ate one ounce of full fat cheese everyday, gained fewer pounds than those who didn't in a recent medical study. The linoleic acid in cheese pumps up your metabolism. Full-Fat Ricotta cheese is a good choice because it's low in calories and sodium.

Number two, almonds. Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E and one of the highest nuts for protein. Almonds have built in fat burning power and they're good for quenching your hunger between meals. They're also great for your immune system.

What if I told you coffee could help your weight? Go ahead and drink that extra cup of coffee in the morning or at lunch. It can boost metabolism by 15 percent, but skip the milk and sugar. They wipe out the fat burning effects.

Sipping three cups of Green Tea every day can kick up your metabolism enough to era 30 calories a day, which translates to about three pounds a year.

If you find the taste too bitter, give Ginger Peach or Honey Ginseng flavors a try.

The compound in chili peppers, which gives them their kick can also heat up fat burning signals in your brain. Now if you don't like super-spicy peppers, you can go for the milder poblanos which still pack help for a speedier metabolism.

Weight loss food number six, Eggs. The amino acids in egg whites help build lean muscle and lean muscle helps your body burn fat.

One study shows if you partner eggs with some cheese in the morning, you'll burn more fat than you would with a high carb breakfast and it may help you burn fat all day long.

The number seven food for speeding weight loss is portobello mushrooms. They deliver copper and pantothenic acid, which keep your metabolism humming and the potassium in portobellos rids your body of salt to help beat belly bloat.

Self Magazine says if you add a few of these satisfying, fat burning snacks and sips to what you eat and drink every day, they can really help with those stubborn pounds.