Shreveport couple to appear on the CBS Early Show

By Jeff Ferrell – bio|email

How would you like a honeymoon? For free!

The CBS Early show picked four couples to compete all next week for a mystery honeymoon and one of the couples is right here in Shreveport.

Amber and Nick Nunn packed their suitcases for a trip to New York City, to compete against three other couples on the CBS Early Show- and a chance to win a honeymoon trip.

"Well actually, we saw it on TV because we're, you know, viewers of the early show," said contestant Amber Nunn.

Nick had called his wife into the living room to hear more about the contest. They both talked it over.

"What do you think?" Amber says asking her husband Nick, who  will be with his wife Amber on the show.

"I was like, 'well, you know, it sounds great. but really what are the odds,'" answers Nick.

Nick wrote the early show a letter how Hurricane Katrina brought him and Amber together.

"Amber was living in Baton Rouge. I was living in Alexandria and we both actually met ways at an evacuation shelter," adds Nick.

A whirlwind romance, followed quickly by wedding bells, led to the promise of a honeymoon "later." 

When I visited Amber and Nick in their home, Amber made it clear that some areas were a no go on that packing and laundry day.

AMBER:  "Don't follow me now, my closet's a wreck! you cannot, there's no way you can."

NICK:  "Hey, all the suitcases are right there," says Nick Nunn laughing as he closes the door.

JEFF FERRELL/REPORTER:  "No!!" Amber Nunn says.

"You're not going to do laundry?" I ask.

AMBER:  "No. All our clothes were clean," answers Amber.

I did get limited access to the back room and her new clothes for the trip.

AMBER:  "This is not everything, but this is some of it," said Amber.

From shoes and purses, to blouses and dresses, Amber had the daunting task of deciding what to wear for five appearances on national TV.

But there is no pressure there is deciding what she wears, or is there?

AMBER:  "Ohhhhh, where does she shop??" says Amber laughing hard.

The contests they'll face are a big mystery, which made packing even tougher.

One clue:

"The first question they asked us on our phone interview is would you be willing to sing or do karaoke in front of millions of viewers?" recalled Nick Nunn.

"Pretty much if they asked us to eat a bucket of roaches we're going to do that to win that trip!" asserted Amber as she began to laugh.

They're hoping it won't come to that.

You can see the 'Honeymoon Take Two' contest right here on KSLA News 12 during the CBS Early Show starting on Monday morning.