A cross bearer's cross country trip

By Erin Stevenson – bio|e-mail

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - Ray won't tell you his full name. He said his goal is to lift up the name of Jesus Christ, not his own. To spread his message, Ray walks around the country, dragging behind him a 10 ft. wooden cross.

"Scripture tells us five different times to take up a cross and walk with him. That doesn't mean a 10 ft. wooden cross, but it does mean to live your life like he did," he said, standing next to Hwy. 59 in Marshall.

It's a life he took up 22 years ago, just years after a car hit him. The accident left him with a shattered pelvis and bound to a wheelchair. He said the doctors told him he'd never walk again. He credited God for his miraculous recovery.

He said he's headed for Arizona, but goes where the Lord tells him.

"People sometimes think I think I'm Jesus, and I ain't, but if it puts Jesus in their hearts and minds, that's the whole thing," he said.

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