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Former mayor of Garland City, AR. Yvonne Dockery sentenced

Texarkana, AR (KSLA)-- Former Garland City Arkansas Mayor Yvonne Dockery was found guilty last year in federal court and learned her fate on Friday before a federal judge who handed her a jail sentence. Dockery maintains her innocence and denies the charges. She claims she is the victim of conspiracy.

"I'm not afraid of going to prison I fear no man I fear no body but God," said former Mayor Yvonne Dockery.

On Friday's hearing, Judge Harry Barns sentenced Dockery to 30 months in federal prison on mail fraud charges and the former mayor has been ordered to pay $128,000 in restitution to the City of Garland.

"It was already set up for me to get prison time so it was not a surprise to me," added Dockery. Dockery's conviction relates to her theft of money from the city

Prosecutors say Dockery created false invoices to cover $42,000 she converted to her own use and used city money for a car she used.

"I've witnessed something you will see on T. V. I've witnessed someone conspiring to go to the extreme to trap a person," she said.

Before the sentence was given, Dockery was able to address the court with harsh words for the judge and her counsel.

"That is why I can stand up to the judge and tell him that he has broke the laws of the land by not rescuing himself, not giving me a change of venue."

The former mayor is scheduled to report to a federal prison March 9th but says her fight will continue.

"What I am hoping far is one day I will be able to help others that have been conspired and railroad against by the law system."

Dockery says she will file and appeal to get today's ruling overturned.

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