Sportran Shows Off CNG Busses

By Barak Shapiro – bio|email

Shreveport, La (KSLA) – Sportran is slated to reveal a major technological overhaul that hasn't been seen since the early 60's.  And that was when they switched from electric trolleys to diesel busses.

Shreveport mass transit will soon unveil its first five busses that run on compressed natural gas. Signs on the busses differ from "I cost 50% less than gas" to "I reduce dependency on foreign oil".  These busses represent Sportrans effort to go green and save money. Sportran assistant manager tells KSLA News 12 these new busses will save the city and Sportran considerable money and help the local economy by using local natural resources.

This change isn't cheap.  The first five busses cost two million and the refueling station cost one million. But there has been help.  Sportran received stimulus money to pay for this overhaul. This is good news for customers.  According to Mcelhose when the new busses debut fees will not change.

Sportran is set to start using the five busses in March and plan for nine more by the end of summer.  Sportran says their vision is to convert their entire fleet to run on C-N-G.

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