Cutting Higher Edu. Programs

By Barak Shapiro – bio|email

Shreveport, La(KSLA) – The board of Reagents announced today that more than 450 academic programs may be slashed because of their small graduation rates.  It is a move that will affect several schools across the state even right here in NWLA.

Chancellor Jim Henderson from Bossier Parish Community College tells KSLA News 12 the programs that have been recommended for termination at his school are the EMT Program, Associates in Music, Theater, Science, Teaching and medical office specialist.

The good news is that the schools will have an opportunity to prove that certain programs should stay.  For example take the EMT program at BPCC .  The courses to complete the EMT Program are half of what is needed for an associate's degree.  That might seem low if you just look at the big picture.  Chancellor Henderson says they will be able to prove it's a good program through validated data and employment placement.

So what happens if the program a student is in is cancelled? Theron Jackson, assistant to the chancellor at Southern  says:  For those people who specifically choose particular majors the degree won't have that title. But that the same discipline will be pursued under the heading of something else.

These types of recommended cuts typically happen every five years.  However, due to economic conditions they will now happen every three years.

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