More charges for suspect in missing Oil City woman case

Eddie Lee Jackson (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
Eddie Lee Jackson (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
Tracy Winslow, missing since Sunday, Jan. 23 (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
Tracy Winslow, missing since Sunday, Jan. 23 (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)

OIL CITY, LA (KSLA) – The man Caddo Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested for kidnapping an Oil City woman now has more charges against him.

On Thursday, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office charged 40-year-old Eddie Jackson with simple arson. Jackson already faces a kidnapping charge.

The additional charge Sheriff's deputies say, is for burning the vehicle belonging to his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Tracy Winslow, who is still missing.

Winslow's 2006 Dodge Charger was found on fire on North Lakeshore Dr. and Kuhn Rd. early Monday morning. Winslow's family reported her missing on Sunday. Jackson was arrested by deputies Tuesday night.

Investigators believe Jackson kidnapped Winslow outside her apartment Sunday night.

Caddo Sheriff's Office says evidence investigators gathered, and interviews with family, friends, co-workers, and witnesses led to Eddie Lee Jackson's arrest. Inconsistencies in the stories he told investigators deputies say also helped get an arrest warrant.

On Wednesday, Tracy Winslow's mother, Maggie, returned home for the first time since Tracy vanished. She says news that Eddie Lee Jackson, better known as "Biscuit," had been arrested is no surprise.

"It's a good thing, but still, I don't know where she at. I don't know what he done did with her. That's my problem," Maggie Winslow says.

Maggie alleged that she heard her daughter come up Sunday night, but then heard arguing.

"She was out there Sunday night. This I do know. Tracy ain't going to go nowhere and not tell me."

In an exclusive interview, Jackson's mother, Vera, says she's standing by her son. When asked if she believes he's innocent, her response was: "Yes I believe he's innocent. I hope he is. I don't believe he would do nothing to hurt her."

She says she talked to him after his arrest-"He said she's coming back. I asked did you do anything to hurt her. He said no I didn't because I love her too much to do anything to hurt her."

This case is the talk of Oil City. One Oil City resident says she is praying that Tracy Winslow comes back alive for the kids' sake. It's a sentiment that's shared by Vera Jackson.

"I'm so sorry and I hope ain't nothing happened to Tracy because I loved her too. She seems just like one of my children," she says.

When asked if she thinks "Biscuit" did something to her daughter, Maggie replied, "I really do. I really think, because I know what kind of dude he is, and I know how he thinks."

Winslow is still missing at this time.  If you have any information on where she might be, please call the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office at (318) 675-2170 or Crime Stoppers at (318) 673-7373.

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