Animal control asks residents to follow parish ordinance

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Buddy Grant has been taking in stray dogs for 15 years.

"If I see them on the streets starving or something like that, you know I take them home and bring them here to try and take care of them. They're my life," said Grant.

Friday morning, Caddo Parish Animal Control had to take some of his pets. Grant got emotional as he had to say goodbye.

"They've got them, and there's nothing I can do about it but pray that they treat them right and find proper homes for them," he said.

The officers say situations like this are the toughest part of their job.

"Dealing with animals is a very emotional subject. Especially with animal lovers. When you have to part with it, it's just like a loved one," said Animal Control Director, Everett Harris.

Caddo Parish Animal Control responds to about 1,000 calls a month. They say their job would be easier if people were more educated about parish ordinances and animal care.

The law says you can only have 4 dogs outside in your yard. Mr. Grant had 9. Animal control took 3 of them and left 6, but they told him he has to find homes for at least 2 of them. Animal Control says 2 of the dogs they took were aggressive and 1 had health problems.

The ordinance does not limit the number of animals you can keep inside. Animal control suggests not having too many though for the health of yourself and the animals.

"People like to take in stray animals because they feel sorry for them. I would say to stay away because you don't know the medical history on that animal, and it could pose a threat to your safety," said Harris.

Instead, he suggests you call animal control at (318) 226-6624. They will take them to a vet and try to adopt out any dogs they pick up if they are safe.

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