Rep. John Fleming votes to repeal

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – If you ask opponents of President Obama's healthcare reform what exactly they don't like about it, you'll get a lot of different responses.

Some physicians like Dr. Steen Trawick With the Shreveport Medical Society contends, it's the unknown.

"We're very burdened by this, and again, it's mostly because we don't know the details, and how it's going to affect our patients," said Dr. Trawick.

For Congressman John Fleming, also a physician, among other things, it's the funding of abortions.

"Without the strict language necessary to protect tax payers from paying for abortions it's definitely going to happen over time," said Congressman Fleming.

And while many proponents argue that the reform bill does not pay for abortions, Fleming argues, it does so both indirectly and directly.

"There's going to be 11 billion dollars carved out of this that's going to community health centers throughout the country, and there's absolutely no restrictions, abortions can be performed in those community health centers," said Congressman Fleming.

Fleming and a couple hundred other republican legislators aim to cut off that funding, either by an all out repeal, or by chipping away at the healthcare law.

A strategy that senate democrats say won't work, because they'll block it.

Even if the repeal does make it to President Obama's desk, he'll likely veto it.

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