Greenwood 'blow out' causes loss of water pressure

GREENWOOD, LA (KSLA) – Repair crews are working to restore normal water pressure to the entire town of Greenwood. About 1700 residents awoke to little or no water pressure Wednesday morning.

Town officials have confirmed that it was a 10 inch water main that broke and repairs are underway.

The pipe that burst is reportedly located underneath a driveway of a church in town. So crews will have to remove the concrete to get to the pipe which could take some time.

Workers say that removing that concrete will be the most difficult part of the repair job.  They say it could take all day to get everything back to normal.

Officials in Greenwood have already called Roach Plumbing to help assist with repairs. Anyone with questions or concerns about the low water pressure can call the water department phone number is 318-938-5341. Stay with KSLA News 12 for updates.

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