Neighbor of 5-year-old Anna Celeste Lowe talks to KSLA News 12

ELM GROVE, LA (KSLA) – In the trailer park where five-year-old Anna Celeste Lowe lived with her siblings before her death on Thursday, neighbors told say it's a quiet street, and the Lowe's had only been there about six months.

Brooke Reeves, who lived just down the street from the Lowe's, says her 8-year-old daughter played with Anna Celeste and her older sister.

"They were always covered up," said Reeves "I've never seen 'em without sleeves or something to cover them up."

She also said the girls were very quiet, even when they waited at the bus stop in her car.

Though she thought their behavior was strange, she didn't think it could be a sign of abuse; even after what her daughter told her earlier in the week.

"It was either Monday or Tuesday, my daughter said that Anna was sick, didn't feel good, and she didn't know why," said Reeves. "We just thought maybe it way because of the flu that was going around."

Then just two days later, the Lowe's were a no-show to Reeves' house.

"They were always at my house about 7 o'clock, stood in the driveway, waiting for my daughter to come out," said Reeves. "That morning they didn't show up. I knew something bad must've happened because it wasn't like them to not be there on time."

It wasn't until another classmate's mom called that Reeves knew what happened.

"I wish I would have known that something was going on," said Reeves "Because if I would've known, I would've helped her. I would've done something to help her."

We're still working to find out as much as we can about this family and the case, so stay with KSLA News 12 as we keep you up to date throughout the investigation.

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