Scientists tell what they think caused unusual light

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – When Rodney Anderson went out to feed his dogs Tuesday night, he found himself staring at the sky.

"I saw a big ball of fire fall from the sky," said Anderson.

He admits it made him a little nervous, "All I could think of was 2012 all over again. You know, with the fish and the birds falling out of the sky, and with it being that bright last night.  For it to be this close, I didn't know what to expect."

Anderson thinks whatever he saw fell into a pasture in near his home in Princeton, LA. He and his cousin searched near by fields.

"He says he hasn't come across anything yet, but you know we're gonna keep searching," said Anderson.

However, Jennifer Olah, who works at SciPort says he probably saw a meteor . One recently fell in Oklahoma.

"When they come through the atmosphere they come with such great speed that they actually catch fire," she said.

People also saw the light in Arkansas, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle.

"Sometimes they're very white, sometimes they're green, sometimes they're different colors. The atmosphere where you live also depends on what you actually see," said Olah.

She says the piece of rock that made the light was probably about the size of a large pebble.

"Everyone's like how can something that small make such a big show in the sky, but you would be surprised what we think is very big is actually very small as it comes through the atmosphere," said Olah.

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