Surveillance video to play role in Seaton case

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- Police executed search warrants in the Rick Seaton case last week. They won't say where they searched, what they searched for, or what they found. However, we do know surveillance video from around Government Plaza is part of the investigation.

"Any place there was video, we're going to get it. There was an ATM involved, so we're going to get the video from the ATM. There's video surveillance at the N.O. Thomas building. There were shuttle buses that were taking people back and forth from the Independence Bowl. One of those buses was involved," says Caddo Parish Assistant District Attorney Hugo Holland.

But Rick Seaton's attorney Marty Stroud says: "It can also come back to help him. He has no problem with the fact that there are videos."

These surveillance cameras that could turn out to play a huge role in the investigation were installed under Seaton's eye.

"He thought that those surveillance cameras were important and useful, and I don't think he shies away from that," Stroud says.

In an emailed statement, Mayor Cedric Glover says-"The arrest of Rick Seaton represents the next step of what will be a long and arduous process for all involved."

Stroud says he and his client are confident that at the end of that process, the videos will help prove Seaton's innocence-"He was the one that was responsible for having the videos established, or put in the building, so he's looking forward to what's on the video too."

We spoke with a few people who worked closely with Seaton in the city. City Councilman Joe Shine says-"Here in America you're innocent until proven guilty. Just because he was arrested, it doesn't mean he's guilty."

Former Council Chairwoman Joyce Bowman tells KSLA News 12 she's "really saddened by the whole situation, mainly for his wife and his children."

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